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Undercover Reader

Script Reader & Screenwriter

Helping solve script issues from under my covers*!

*Duvet or blankets, not fussy




Script  Reading Rates

£40 - 1 - 3 page report on scripts up to 60 pages

£50 - 1 - 4 page report on scripts over 60 pages

Script report feedback will include a story overview and comments on the following:

  • Premise

  • Plot

  • Character

  • Dialogue

  • Pace

Whilst also commenting overall on what works, what needs addressing and any pointers/tips I feel may be useful​

Allow 7 days for me to send your report.

Will let you know on enquiry if I expect it'll be longer




Script reader and screenwriter, with an eclectic taste in all things cinema and TV.

As a former actor, stage manager and theatre producer of 17 years+, I bring my experience and knowledge to script reading and analysis. 


From an actors point of view, I have a keen eye on all things character and dialogue as I know what actors are looking for within a script to help them develop well-rounded characters.



Getting my script report from Andrea has totally reenergised me about my pilot script. So validating to feel like someone has read it properly and really kicked the tyres as well. Feedback I’ll definitely use to build on! – Lola Keeley

Just got some really concise and insightful feedback from Andrea. Do talk to her if you can. You won't regret it! – Jon Concepcion

Andrea kindly evaluated my script for my web series, and provided some of the best feedback I had for it in a while. She also provided a much need confidence because she fully understood where I’m trying to go with the story, when I was concerned it was too confusing – Dre

I’ve just received amazing detailed notes from my #wip by Andrea she was so quick and precise! Thank you! – Gelue Barr

Just received coverage notes from Andrea on my pilot #Hades Great insights, thoughtful notes and really amazing to see the care and time put into them. I'm so eager to dive back into it!! Thanks so much Andrea! Highly recommend  :)))) _ Michael Boaks

Fabulous notes from Andrea - highly recommend if you are looking for an external eye! – Gemma Crofts

Thanks to Andrea for the script feedback on my TV pilot. Straight to the point - she nicely balances positives with the negatives so there's something to improve whilst feeling generally good about your work – Tobias Tobbell​

Thanks! Andrea for the great feedback on my dramedy screenplay "Louie Lewy" about a couple dealing with Lewy Body Dementia. Thorough feedback and helpful notes! – Joe Gold

Just received great notes from Andrea on my Henry James adaptation/feature — I strongly recommend her if you're looking for a fresh take on your WIP - Steven Stiefel

Got my script feedback from the excellent Andrea. Great to have some succinct, insightful critiquing at speed. On to draft 2. Thanks – Mark Brown

I got some great notes back on Star Ducks from Andrea. Detailed, clear and really effectively highlighting the pros and cons of the current draft. I'm grateful. Hit her up for notes on your work, mates! – Jake Lynch




If you would like me to read your script and and receive a report, please fill in the form and I will contact you ASAP

Thanks for submitting!

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